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Meet the Artist: Marie-Eve Dompierre

Marie-Eve Dompierre is the first of more makers who I'll be featuring on my site in the near future, and it felt incredibly appropriate to begin with someone who's work I use every day, and is a personal friend.   Marie-Eve is first and foremost an artist, with an education in photography.  She began working in ceramics in 2010, when by happenstance, she touched wet clay at a studio in downtown Montreal, and it was an immediate love affair.  Basically, if she was Demi Moore in Ghost, she didn’t need Swayze there to feel this passion.   Since then, Marie-Eve’s work has focused on not just the aesthetics and functionality of ceramics, but also on the equally important aspect of how they interact with...

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The Dirty Truth About Paloma, in Black and Pink

I’d like to formally introduce my logo. Let’s start with the obvious.  Being that Paloma means “dove” in Spanish, I definitely wanted that image. My parents chose the name in recognition of the Spanish blood on my mother’s side, and of my grandparents on my father’s side, who lived, wrote, and painted in Mexico for fifteen years.   The dirty truth about Paloma, is that it also means pigeon.  That’s why in the famous song, it’s specified as La Paloma Blanca to make the distinction.  Having spent eighteen years in New York City, the pesky pigeons were a daily reminder of what I tried to cover up.   Fact is, I’m flawed.  I’m insecure, I get depressed, I stress out, I fall...

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