Meet the Artist: Marie-Eve Dompierre

Marie-Eve Dompierre in her studio.

Marie-Eve Dompierre is the first of more makers who I'll be featuring on my site in the near future, and it felt incredibly appropriate to begin with someone who's work I use every day, and is a personal friend.  

Marie-Eve is first and foremost an artist, with an education in photography.  She began working in ceramics in 2010, when by happenstance, she touched wet clay at a studio in downtown Montreal, and it was an immediate love affair.  Basically, if she was Demi Moore in Ghost, she didn’t need Swayze there to feel this passion.  

Since then, Marie-Eve’s work has focused on not just the aesthetics and functionality of ceramics, but also on the equally important aspect of how they interact with you.  She considers the way a warm mug presses into your palm.  How your finger may nestle into the crook of a handle.  The weight and texture of the plate as you pass it to your loved one.  

Marie-Eve and I met one hundred years ago, actually just nine years ago, through people we were dating.  We can share a war story or two.  She's also made a fine model for some of my jewelry.

I love driving North to visit her and her daughter, Billie, and spending time in her boutique + studio that she opened in early 2019 at 544 Rue Jarry O, Montreal.  She even lets me Ghost-out with the clay. 

I invite you to shop her work HERE and enjoy!   

 <3 Paloma