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Custom Work

We would love to work with you on a custom design!  Please email us at pmele@palomamelejewelry.com.  


We take pride in the construction and craftsmanship that goes in every piece.  If your jewelry breaks, we will happily repair it for the cost of shipping it back to you.  

About Gold-Fill

Gold-fill consists of a significant layer of 14k gold that is bonded to a base metal.  The Federal Trade Commission requires that this gold layer be at least 5% of the entire material's weight for it be called gold-fill.  This gold layer is hundreds of times thicker than what is termed "gold plate" or "vermeil", which have a microns-thin film of gold that wears away quickly.  Gold-fill jewelry, on the other hand, can last a lifetime when cared for properly.

How to Care for Gold-Fill Pieces

The layer of gold on gold-fill jewelry is significantly thick, but it's still vulnerable to wear and scratches, so always treat your jewelry with care to make it last.  Here are some tips to make your pieces shine for decades!

Tip 1: To clean your jewelry, always use a soft, cotton or microfiber cloth.  Dampen the cloth and add a just a drop of a gentle cleanser to clean your jewelry.  Clean gently!  Use a damp cloth to remove soap (don't run it under water) and allow it to dry.

Tip 2: Keep your gold-fill jewelry isolated from other pieces, ideally by hanging it up, to ensure it won't get scuffed or nicked by other jewelry.

Tip 3: When traveling, wrap gold-fill jewelry separately or put it into individual pouches for your journey.

Tip 4: If your jewelry has been scratched or the gold has worn down in areas, it becomes more prone to oxidization, or tarnishing.  Never leave jewelry in the bathroom, or other humid places, where the moisture can speed up oxidization.

Tip 5: Take off your gold-fill jewelry before you work out - sweat and acidic oils from the skin speed up oxidization.