"Or + Gris" Plate, Small
"Or + Gris" Plate, Small

"Or + Gris" Plate, Small


Marie-Eve Dompierre's Or collection, (French for "gold"), is true porcelain, fired once for its base glazes, and then a second time with a 22 karat gold glaze. 

Each plate is given its signature grey brushstrokes, reminiscent of the Japanese enso, a simple circle painted when the mind is free to let the body create.  In this way each plate is a piece of art. 

If you're wondering if you can bear to use these specimens every day, the answer is yes.  You can, and you should. They are meant to elevate your daily meals, as well as your special ones.  

Each plate measures about 7" x 1/2".  Each pieces is made by hand, so dimension may vary slightly.

Because these pieces contain gold, they are not microwavable.  Wash with care to preserve the gold edge.

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION: Orders will take 1 MONTH TO FULFILL, as Dompierre pieces are made to order in Montreal, and then shipped to the US.